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How Much Bitcoin Will You Need to Be Rich by 2025?

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The usual answer is “it depends”.

But that just brings the vibe down and it answers nothing.

Of course, it varies depending on individual circumstances and factors such as the current value of Bitcoin, personal financial goals, and the cost of living in a specific location.

So let’s take some considerations.

I can’t know your financial goals, so that’s not part of the equation.

But let’s assume the following:

  • Bitcoin will reach at least its previous all-time high ($68,789) and get to the widely popular $100,000 mark.
  • Let’s take a 2.5-year timeframe: this means selling your BTC in august of 2025 when there’s a lot of hype but everybody thinks it can go even higher (hence, maximum greed has not been reached yet).

Now for each country, we’ll add the expected net worth that gives you the title of “rich”.

United States

Being wealthy in the U.S. means having an average net worth of $2.2 million (according to last year’s poll).

You’ll have to acquire:

  • Low-end (selling at $68,789): 50 BTC.
  • High-end (selling at $100,000): 29.5 BTC.

Remember, this is net worth, so it’s after taking out your initial purchase.

So if you buy the 50 BTC at $25,000 (roughly the current price) you invested $1.25 million. You then sold at $68,789 totaling $3.44 million. You’re left with a 175% profit of $2.19 million (so roughly $2.2m).

If you buy the 29.5 BTC at the same $25k you’ve invested $722k. A big change already! And now you sold it at $100,000 totaling $2.95 million. You’re left with $2.21 million (300% profit).

Okay, that’s for the U.S. but the world is much bigger than that, and the U.S. is freaking expensive.

Let’s take a look at other countries. I couldn’t find polls from the plebs so I’ll stick to this website and look for getting to the 95 percentile in each country to make it a little bit less ambitious.


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